2012-13 Honor Roll of Donors

Friends of the University

This list was prepared by the staff of the Office of Institutional Advancement. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this report; if you find an error, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at 603.645.9799 or giving@snhu.edu with corrections.

* = Loyalty Society
+ = Founders Society
Bold = President's Circle
∞ = deceased

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Kusum Ailawadi and Anand Natrajan *

Eduardo Alava  

Alicia J. Alexander  

Dikaios Anagnost *

Donor Anonymous *

Richard and Mary Auterio  

John and Susan Ayers


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Mauro and Renee Balboni  

Tom and Nancy Barrett *

Nicole A. Basinger  

Mark and Annette Baumgartner  

James and Deanna Bays *

Jonathan and Elizabeth Beebe  

Robert and Linda Begiebing *

Daniel A. Belanger *

Richard and Denise Belleville  

Thomas Beraldi  

Charlene F. Berry  

Dennis and April Bertocchi  

David and Gail Bertrand *

Philip and Theresa Biancucci  

Charles and Barbara Bickford *

Crystal Bickford *

Erin Blanchard *

Richard and Kimberly Blanchette *

Dr. Kimberly L. Bogle Jubinville *

William and Kellie Booth  

Dr. Marty J. Bradley ∞ and Michelle Bradley *

Hernani and Jennifer Branco  

Donald J. Brezinski *

Ronald and Judith Brunelle  

Jay C. Burnham *


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Paul and Laura Cameron  

Michael and Sally Candello *

Peter T. Case  

Francis N. Catano, Ph.D. *

Michael and Deborah Cavanaugh  

Kevin and Paula Chamberlain  

John Chavez  

Michael Cheney *

John and Nancy Clemens  

Richard and Marryann Clewell  

Mark and Marcia Colbert  

Kenny Colella  

Carlos and Malmilly Colon  

Bradford E. and Kathleen D. Cook * +

Robert L. Corallino C.P.A. P.C. *

Fransisco and Cidalrsa Costa  

Robert and Barbara Costello *

Ronald and Lorraine Coulombe  

Arnold and Debra Craigue  

Patrick D. Cullen *

Vincent and Jeannine Curro


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Edward W. Daniels *

Sean and Motoko Day *

George and Ruth de Redon *

Glen and Karen Decker  

Peter and Josephine DeGirolamo *

Louis D. DeMato  

Deborah Dennis  

Richard and Janice DePietro *

Carla E. Destramp  

Tej S. Dhakar  

Jeffery and Kelly Dillion  

Robert and Joan DiNapoli  

Deborah L. Donnelly *

Cindy J. Downs  

Richard M. Dozier *

Daryl A. Dreffs *

Nicholas Drinker *

Robert and Lynn DuBois  

Michael and Susan Duffield  

John and Nancy Dufour *

John M. Dumais  

Kristi W. Durette *

Lawrence and Susan Dysart


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Gregg and Terri Eaton  

Christopher and Patricia Egan  

Bruce and Jeanne Erickson  

Karen Erickson *

John and Dorothy Evans *


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Josephine A. Feola  

Thomas C. Fischer *

James Freiburger and Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger *


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Timothy and Dianne Gallagher  

Cynthia F. Garyait  

Robert P. Gaudette, Sr.  

Carol and Benjamin Gayman  

Richard and Brenda Gelinas *

Teresa V. Gerlitz *

Kelly S. Gervas  

Anthony and Lisa Giannelli  

Donald Gianniny and Christina Clamp *

William J. Gillett *

Curtis and Paula Gluck  

Loren and Michelle Goldstein  

Brian and Alicia Goode  

Robert and Jennifer Goodfellow  

Paul and Linda Goyette *

George and Kelly Gray  

Rufus and Carolyn Green  

Dennis Green *

Pauline P. Groele  

Kathryn M. Growney *

Betsy A. Gunzelmann *

Richard and Jeanne Guyott


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Neal and Donna Hammond  

Timothy and Clare Hannan  

Carolyn Hanson  

Paul and Barbara Hardiman  

John and Sharon Harte *

Anthony and Cynthia Hennessy  

John and Margaret Heywood  

Edward and Laura Hirsch  

Stephen Hodownes *

Paul and Selma Hoff *

Ernest and Juanita Holm +

Dorothea D. Hooper *

Brandi L. Hoyt-Biagiotti *

Nicholas Hunt-Bull *


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June Iamundo *

Nancy Iamundo *

Kathy Ireland *


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Sarah Jacobs *

Stephen and Maria Jacques  


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Ari and Effie Kalampalikis *

Peter C. Kamveris *

William J. Kanteres *

Nicholas and Vivian Karafotias *

Chris and Helen Kehas *

Fran B. Kelly *

Lazaros and Rochelle Kitsios  

Peter and Barbara Klein  

John and Debra Krikorian  

John S. Kyriazis *


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Lorraine R. Lachance  

Joanne Lahiff Jaffe  

R Scott Lambert  

Diane Lander and Susan Knight  

Ricky and Tina Laperriere  

Meredith LaPierre  

Stuart and Melissa Lawson  

Brian and Debra Leafe  

Paul LeBlanc and Pat Findlen *

Diane Les Becquets *

Shawn and Deanna Leston  

Raymond and Maryanne Letarte  

Lundy Lewis *

Jennifer A. Ligenza *

Tina M. Lindberg  

Mary L. Little *

Pearl Little *

Denise B. Littlefield *

John and Alison Logan *

Timothy L. Lowe *

Patricia Lynott *


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Robert and Darlene Malenich  

Restituto Malonso  

MaryAnn Manoogian  

Jacqueline F. Mara * +

Cosmos and Lynda Marandos *

Keith D. Marchese  

Judee Marchionda  

Timothy and Denise Marshall  

Caroline Maskell  

Phillipe and Denise Masse *

Patrick and Dolores Mauro *

Jason and Karen Mayeu *

Anthony and Karen Mazzeo  

Maria R. McCarthy  

Michael J. McCluskey *

Tracey E. McCormick  

Joseph and Jeanne McCusker  

John Molongoski and Judith McDonwell  

John McFadden and Lisa Kabnick *

William D. McGarry *

Albert and Linda McGrath  

Douglas McIninch  

William and Mary McMahon *

Denise McNeill  

Mark McQuillan  

Kenneth and Karen Metzler  

John C. Miles * +

Rick and Noni Mitrook *

Constantinos G. Mokas *

Dennis Monahan *

Robert and Maria Mongan *

Leonore M. Moniz  

Debbie J. Moore *

Russell and Bonnie Moore *

Richard and Lynn Moran *

Michael and Nancy Morse *

Dana and Cindy Motta *

Kevin and Gail Mowrer  

Brian and Sheila Murphy  

Daniel and Ruth Murphy  

Arthur and Christine Murray


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Marc and Linda Nadeau  

Kyle and Glenda Nagel  

John and Laura '84 Nanof *

Richard and Cheryl Nardella  

Julie Neil  

Joao-Baptista and Cristina Ntinunu  

Nicholas and Luan Nugent *


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L. Douglas and Ellen O'Brien *

Arthur and Eileen O'Leary


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Beverly M. Palo *

Dorothy L. Panarese  

Sullivan and Susan Paul

Herbert Pence  

Carmen Perron *

Gennaro and Kathleen Perrone  

Thomas and Jeannette Perry  

Eugene Piana *

Karen M. Pinkos *

Carroll D. Piper *

Joseph "Chip" Polak *

Joseph and Pauline Poulos  

Dan Prior *


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Stephen and Jane Quirk  


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Michael and Diane Reardon  

Christopher and Cathleen Reid  

Nancy J. Richardson *

Deborah D. Robitaille *

Jean and Beverly Robitaille *

Audrey Rogers  

Dr. Leslie S. Rogers-Naftaly *

John Roper  

Jon and Kathy Ross *

Dennis P. Roy *

John and Thora Russell * +


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John Safford *

Massood Samii *

Mark and Kathy Sampson  

A. Vaughan and Elizabeth Sanborn *

Patricia Schappler *

Steven W. Schubert *

David and Catherine Scroxton  

Dawn Sedutto *

Donald and Carolyn Settipani  

Robert and Wendy Shaughnessy  

Elizabeth J. Sheehan *

Mark and Michelle Sherman  

James and Carol Shiner  

Don and Moira Sieker  

Mark and Tina Simpson  

Joann Smith  

June Smith and Steve Pensinger *

Gail Smuda *

Richard H. Snow  

Steven F. Soba *

Donald and Cheryl Sommese  

Lisa J. St. Hilaire *

Cynthia A. St. Onge *

David G. StahlDavid G. Stahl *

Andrew and Karen Statires *

William Statires *

Paul and Dianne Steadman *

Wayne and Susan Stevens  

Justin and Lynne Stone  

Susan Sylvester


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John and Susan Tarasiak  

Michael T. Tasto  

George Teloian * +

Larry Thibodeau  

Scott A. Tierno *

Christopher J. Toy * +

Gary P. Tripp *

Sandra Tripp  

Linda A. Trudel  

O. Leonard Trudo *

James Truncellito *

Ray and Barbara Truncellito * +

Robert Tuveson 


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Robert P. Vachon *

Neil D. Valentino  

William and Lisa Vanat  

Charles and Teresa Vandemoer  

Edward and Jane Vizvarie *


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James D. Walter * +

Mary Webber *

William and Louise Weiand  

Reece and Kathleen Werren  

Steven and Peggy Widener *

Douglas and Sherri Wilson  

James Winn *

Peter R. Worrell and Dr. Kareen K. Worrell


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Susan Youngs *


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Kimon and Anne Zachos * +

Walter Zimmermann *


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* = Loyalty Society
+ = Founders Society
Bold = President's Circle
∞ = deceased

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