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Impact magazine is the SNHU alumni and donor magazine, featuring stories of alumni and current students doing extraordinary things with their education, and the faculty, staff and donors who inspire them.

Impact Magazine, Fall 2014

In this issue of Impact, you'll find stories of members of the SNHU community changing the world.

  • Our cover story highlights the newly formed Deborah L. Coffin Women's Center and the vision of gender equity shared by students, administration, and the extraordinary alumna whose generosity made the center possible.
  • You'll also meet the new Dean of the School of Education, whose leadership will help equip the next generation of teachers with innovative ways of approaching teaching and learning.
  • We've featured one of our newest programs, the Music Business MBA, a creative partnership with the famous Berklee School of Music.
  • You'll learn about a rain garden project led by a team of faculty and service staff and provided SNHU students with opportunties to complete valuable fieldwork, mentor local schoolchildren, and address a pressing environmental need.
  • We've also profiled some of our finest students, from a dedicated young woman who will stop at nothing to complete her degree, including switching from a traditional undergraduate experience to an online pathway in order to care for her ailing mothing; to a campus student whose only rival in Penmen Pride may be Petey Penmen himself.




Impact Magazine - Fall 2014




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Impact is produced by the Office of Institutional Advancement. If you have questions about the publication or ideas for articles, please contact managing editor Audrey Bourque.

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