SNHU Cheerleading

Project Leaders
Karissa Edelstein 
Karissa Edelstein is a senior from Windham, NH. This is her second year at SNHU, as well as her second year cheering here. She will be earning her degree in Education and is excited to use everything she has learned at SNHU to help continue her coaching career at Windham High School.
Hannah Linquata 
Hannah Linquata is a junior from Concord, NH, and this is her second year with cheerleading team. She will be earning her degree in Elementary Education with a Certificate in Special Education.
Alexa Martorana 
Alexa Martorana is a sophomore from Arlington, MA. This is her second year cheering at SNHU and she has been a cheerleader for 13 years. She will be earning her degree in Accounting and Finance.
Julie Venglass 
Julie Venglass is a junior from Derry, NH, and this is her second year at SNHU along with her second year cheering here. Her degree will be in Psychology with a minor in Childhood Development and Sociology.



Who Are We?

We are Southern New Hampshire University’s Cheerleading team! We have previously competed as a D2 All-Girl team, but for the first time we will be D2 Small Co-Ed. Our season consists of practices, workouts, volunteering, cheering at SNHU men’s and women’s basketball games and competing locally as well as nationally!

NCA College Nationals

Every year, we dedicate our entire season to building a routine for NCA College Nationals which takes place in Daytona Beach, FL. This competition happens every year during the first week of April and teams from across the country travel to Florida to compete for a national title. From the moment we start tryouts until that final performance in April, everything we do is for this competition.

Why Should You Help?

The cost of this trip, as you can imagine, does not run cheap. Each individual participant registration is right under $600 each. Therefore, with a team of 15-25 athletes, it can become very expensive! In addition to that, we have to factor in gear, travel, meals, hotel rooms, and flights. Our regular season budget, combined with the team’s own individual contributions, barely covers the cost of this trip. We fundraise during our season, but our resources dwindle every year causing us to have to pay more out of pocket to fund our trip. We work all season for this one chance to put New Hampshire on the map, any donation we receive will help us get to Daytona!


Project Updates

Let's keep it going - help us get to $5,000!

100%!!! - We did it!!! - March 7, 2017

75%!!! - We can't thank you enough!!! - February 24, 2017

We passed 50% - Thank you!!! - February 23, 2017

We've hit 25% - Thank you all so much! - February 21, 2017

Aaaand... we're off! - February 20, 2017

We've officially launched our crowdfunding campaign, chasing a goal of $3,000! Please consider supporting our fundraising effort!