Reach the Beach

Project Leaders
Justin Mazzone 
Justin Mazzone '11 '16MBA has been at SNHU since June of 2012. Within the University he currently works as a Team Lead in the Graduate Advising Department, seeing first-hand the need for scholarship support. Outside of work, Justin enjoys the challenge of endurance sports. His passion began in 2011, when he first completed his first Triathlon. Since 2011, Justin has completed half-marathons, marathons, relay races, and Half-Ironman triathlons.
Josh Patton 
Josh Patton '16G has been at SNHU since January of 2012. Within the University he currently works as a Team Lead in the Undergraduate Advising Department. Through his work with advising, Josh understands how access to textbooks can be a barrier for many students. When he’s not working, Josh is training for his next running and endurance opportunity. After completing his first 5K he was hooked! In three years he has continued to challenge himself by crossing the finish line of half-marathons, marathons, relay races, and triathlons, while also taking the lead of the 603 Endurance group out of Concord, NH.

Who Are We?

We are the College of Online and Continuing Education Reach the Beach team. We're comprised of 12 runners from multiple departments across the organization, that have come together in the spirit of interdepartmental collaboration, community outreach, and student compassion.

What Are We Doing?

We are running to support our students! We hope to raise $5,000 to create textbook scholarships for COCE students! We will be competing in a 201 mile relay race from Bretton Woods in the White Mountains to Hampton Beach, NH. The team will battle extreme conditions and sleep deprivation but will push through any roadblocks as we are on a mission to help our students. 

Why Should You Help?

At SNHU we are dedicated to our students' success and we know that a student's journey to their degree can be full of hurdles. We ask you to help us to remove some of these barriers. Through your generosity, students will be able to purchase the textbooks they need to reach graduation. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the textbook scholarship, and could make all the difference for a student in need. 

Project Updates

+ Let's keep it going! - Sept 7, 2016

Thank you to our donors for helping us hit 50% of our goal! Help us hit 75%!

+ Thank you for your support! - Sept 1, 2016

Thank you to everyone for helping us hit 25% of our goal! Let's keep this momentum going!

+ Aaaand... we're off! - August 1, 2016

We've officially launched our crowdfunding campaign, chasing a goal of $5,000 to create textbook scholarships for COCE students! Please consider supporting our fundraising effort!